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1-8 The reconstruct known work is beautiful and also probably _____: it is the only Hebrew verse written by a woman.
A. singular
B. unique
C. archaic
D. counterfeit
E. valuable
F. fake
2-1 Among the Meakambut people of Papua New Guinea, legends are associated with specific caves in the Sepik region, and these legends are _____: only the cave owner can share its secrets.
A. impenetrable
B. immutable
C. proprietary
D. didactic
E. self-perpetuating
8-1 Parker’s model of human reflects a _____ outlook, in stark contrast to the generally pessimistic analyses of her colleagues in the economics department.
A. prescient
B. circumspect
C. technical
D. magisterial
E. sanguine
20-3 Historian Barbara Alpern Engel’s task in writing a book about women in Russia must have been a (i)_____ one, because the (ii)_____ the Russian empire’s peoples meant that Russian women could never be treated as a homogeneous group.
A. motivating
D. unity among
B. boring
E. disinterest in
C. daunting
F. diversity of
25-3 Recent scholarship has questioned the (i)_____ of tropical forests around the world. Archaeologists have shown, for example, that the largest contiguous tract of what was thought to be virgin rain forest in the southern Amazon had been transformed into a cultural parkland before European contact, and many of the forest islands in West Africa’s savanna forest transition zone are (ii)_____ as well.
A. diversity
D. isolated
B. naturalness
E. endangered
C. sustainability
F. anthropogenic
47-3 As he has matured as a scholar, Felmar has come to see the merit of qualification. His conclusions, which early in his career he (i)______, are now often (ii)______.
A. stated as absolutes
D. hedged
B. refused to reveal
E. simplified
C. backed up extensively
F. reiterated
51-1 Since many African farmers face a soil fertility problem, providing funding for fertilizer seems _____; closer examination of the data raises some troubling questions, however.
A. imprudent
B. expensive
C. unimpeachable
D. modern
E. worrisome
51-4 The physical (i)_____ seen in the remains of soldiers who fought in the fifteenth-century battle of Towton is unsurprising, given the (ii)_____ origins of the men who took the battlefield that day.
A. decay
D. disparate
B. strength
E. unknown
C. diversity
F. controversial
77-3 The virtual absence of cougars from late prehistoric faunas in the North American Great Basin (i)_____ a general scarcity of carnivores from these sites: bobcats, coyotes, and badgers are routinely found, and even such historically (ii)_____ carnivores as bears and wolves are found as well.
A. largely parallels
D. widespread
B. does not reflect
E. rare
C. is a consequence of
F. representative
83-9 Three of the nation’s largest airlines could be operating under bankruptcy protection in coming weeks, analysts say, the latest sign of the industry’s ___ as it lurches through a historic transformation.
A. upheaval
B. exorbitance
C. affluence
D. peril
E. convulsion
F. opulence
107-10 After the Turkish Republic was established, traditional hamams (bathhouses) seemed to many Turks to be outmoded, but thanks to tourism, hamams have experienced a _____, becoming important cultural sites for foreign and Turkish visitors alike.
A. proliferation
B. retrenchment
C. transformation
D. revival
E. slump
F. renaissance
1. 一共10个正数,总和101,每个数只出现一次,问possible最大的那个数
2. 87和97的正因数谁多
3. 3对夫妻,6个凳子,夫妻挨着坐,一共有几种坐法?
4. 1575=3∧m×5∧n×7∧p,求m+n+p
5. x是整数,求3∧x+3∧(-x)的最小值
6. 根号108=a×根号b问a+b可能的值
7. 2∧2x和x∧2x大小,x是负整数
8. 有一个是 2个铅笔每个x元,5个钢笔每个y元,加起来一共12.25,x小于y,然后给了几个答案,问x可能等于几
9. 数列an=an-1-an-2, a1=-5, a2=4, 求a1到a100的和。
10. If n and m are positive integers and m is a factor of 2的6次方, what is the greatest possible number of integers that can be equal to both 3n and 2的6次方/m?
11. 三个及三个以上的连续整数总和加起来不可能等于几,选项是0,1,2,3,4。
12. n除以3,余数是1,问n的平方+n-2一定可以整除哪个两位数
13. 一个survey,65%的人认为drug有效,48%的人认为exercise有效,22%认为drug有效同时认为exercise无效,问whatpercentage of 认为exercise有效同时认为drug无效。
14. 32的19次方减32的个位数是多少?
Passage 44
Exotic insect pests can produce both short-and long-term effects on forest ecosystems. Short-term effects include the disturbances directly associated with the action of the pest, which may cause the defoliation, loss of vigor, or death of trees. Long-term effects are primarily mediated by changes in tree species composition and the consequent alterations of forest structure, productivity, and nutrient uptake. Exotic pests are more efficient than most abiotic disturbances (e.g., fire or wind) at producing long-term changes in species composition. Pests often target specific tree species and, if they become established, they usually remain as permanent components of the ecosystem. Shifts in forest species composition ramify through the ecosystem in many ways because tree species have different, often unique properties.
Consider each of the choices separately and select all that apply.
1.The passage mentions which of the following as effects of exotic pests on forest ecosystems?
A. decreased vitality in trees
B. defoliation of trees
C. changes in forest structure
2. The author of the passage mentions the “unique properties” of tree species primarily in order to help explain
A. why pests tend to target specific tree species
B. why pests can have long-term effects on entire ecosystems
C. how pests contribute to shifts in forest species composition
D. how pests are able to become established in an ecosystem
E. how some tree species are able to withstand the effects of pests
Passage 58
Recent studies of the gender gap in the history of United States policies tend to focus on candidate choice rather than on registration and turnout. This shift in focus from gender inequality in political participation may be due to the finding in several studies of voting behavior in the United States that since 1980, differences in rates of registration and voting between men and women are not statistically significant after controlling for traditional predictors of participation. However, Fullerton and Stern argue that researchers have overlooked the substantial gender gap in registration and voting in the South. While the gender gap in participation virtually disappeared outside the South by the 1950s, substantial gender differences persisted in the South throughout the 1950s and 1960s, only beginning to decline in 1970s.
1. Select the sentence in the passage that offers a possible explanation for a trend.
2. According to the passage, which of the following is true about recent studies of the gender gap in the United States politics?
A. They accurately depict voter preference in the South prior to 1980.
B. They have been unduly influenced by changes in voter preferences.
C. They fail to recognize important factors affecting levels of voter participation.
D. They do not pay sufficient attention to the effect regional differences have on voter preference.
E. They are more concerned with the choices that male and female voters make than with the frequency with which they vote.
Passage 61
Our terrestrial food supply comes from ecosystems transformed to produce a few comestible species through the removal of competitors, predators, and pests, but marine capture fisheries depend on the overall productivity of natural ecosystems. There is, however, increasing concern about the impact of fishing and other human activities on marine ecosystems, which are now far from pristine. One option for moving toward both biodiversity and terrestrial food supply goals is to produce greater yields from less land, thereby freeing land for conservation purposes. By contrast, the objective of maintaining or resorting the biodiversity of marine ecosystems may conflict with the objective of maintaining or increasing our food supply from the sea, since the level of fishing required to achieve the latter may compromise the former.
1. The primary purpose of the passage is to
A. examine the impact of certain research findings regarding changes to ecosystem biodiversity.
B. discuss a possible implication of a difference between terrestrial and marine food supply sources.
C. describe the consequences of a certain kind of interaction between terrestrial and marine ecosystems.
D. identify an area of ecosystem research in which here are significant uncertainties
E. present evidence that undermines one side of a debate about biodiversity and supports the other.
2. According to the passage, increasing the food yield per unit of land can have which of the following effects?
A. enabling more land to be used for development purposes
B. compromising progress toward conservation goals
C. helping protect comestible species from competition and predation
D. helping reduce pressure on marine ecosystems
E. helping restore the biodiversity of terrestrial ecosystems
Passage 68
Historically, more cold-adapted antelope species originating in Eurasia have migrated into Africa, where the climate is generally warmer, than have warm-adapted African species into Eurasia. A likely explanation for this involves the fact that intercontinental migrations require both a land bridge connecting the two continents and the suitable habitat both on and across that land bridge. During periods of climatic cooling, such as the various ice ages, the land bridge is open for a long time (because sea level remains low) and is usable by cold-adapt species because cool habitats then extend across it. Thus during cooling most migrants would be expected to travel toward Africa, which is near the equator, since this is the direction dictated by habitat changes on a cooling Earth. In contrast, when the Earth is warm, the land bridge is reduced or gone because sea level is relatively high then. Only during the short lag between onset of global temperature change and sea level response can warm-adapted species migrate from the equator toward higher latitudes.
1. According to the passage, which of the following is true of an Eurasia-Africa land bridge during ice ages?
A. It offers suitable habitats for cold-adapted species of antelope.
B. It encourages migration from Africa to Eurasia of cold-adapted species of antelope.
C. It allows the survival of warm-adapted species of antelope that might otherwise home extinct.
D. It is more likely to exist early in an ice age than later in an ice age.
E. The habitats it offers change more quickly than do those offered by land bridges during other periods.
2. The author of the passage implies that during the “short lag”, a land bridge between Africa and Eurasia would
A. be inhabited primarily by species of antelope originating in Eurasia
B. be characterized by areas of widely varying elevation above sea level
C. be inhabited by a wide diversity of antelope species
D. contain habitats that could sustain warm-adapt antelope species
E. contain habitats similar to habitats at much higher latitudes in Eurasia
3. According to the passage, which of the following best accounts for the apparent bias in antelope-migration direction?
A. Warm-adapted antelope species are rarely able to tolerate cool habitats, whereas cold-adapted antelope species usually can tolerate warm habitats.
B. During global warming periods, land bridges, when present, lack habitats suitable for sustaining warm-adapted antelope species.
C. Under most climatic conditions, Africa offers a larger number of suitable antelope habitats than does Eurasia.
D. Many more species of antelope have originated in Eurasia than have originated in Africa.
E. Land bridges are more likely to exist when climate change favors migration to warmer climates than when climate changes favors migration to cooler climates.

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